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The important of Agriculture
Agriculture is central to all our lives. Whatever we do in our lives is meant for providing food and shelter for ourselves. It provides food for every living being on earth and that is why it is so important. It is also known as farming is co-related to various other streams of science like dairy science, botany, economics, social science, engineering, pathology, food science, chemistry and soil science. These are also known as the various branches of farming or agriculture.

What it does?
Agriculture provides us with security of food and that is the most notable reason behind its importance. That one reason is enough for making one understand the importance of farming or cultivation, as it is otherwise known. The task of growing and feeding food has been possibly the first task of human beings from the beginning of this earth. It is also considered as the social and the political constancy of a country since one can remember. It has played a very important role in developing the life of humans and also in the process of evolution. A huge amount of the world population, especially in the developing countries is involved with farming and growing crops. The huge progress in terms of various tools and techniques has only helped the farmers with increasing their productivity. In most of the countries of this world, it is the main source of employment of a huge amount of the population. Many farms employ many people for undertaking cultivating and growing of crops.

What does it mean?
Agriculture mainly refers to the growing of fiber and food through forestry and farming. Some of the big produces can be categorized into fuels, food items, fibers, prohibited drugs and raw materials. Some food items include fruits, vegetables, meat and cereals. Fibers include flax, yarn, silk and wool. Raw materials include bamboo, cane and lumber. Drugs include alcohol, opium, cocaine and tobacco. Other additional useful things are also derived from agriculture, like resins. There are many methods of farming or growing crops and some of them include innovative techniques like step farming. It is mainly used for cultivation of crops in hilly and mountainous areas.

Why is it so important?

Agriculture is very important for the world economy as well. It makes humongous amount of contributions to imports and exports made by countries all around the world. Most of the items imported and exported by countries consist of mainly agricultural produce. It is very important for maintaining the economy of a country and for regulating the in-flow of cash from abroad. Politicians are always looking forward to implement policies and laws that work towards making the agricultural division of the country stronger than ever. It has a direct impact on the gross domestic product of a country and that is why it is so important. Farmers and other providers are well aware of their rights and they are exercising them in every step of the way. The government and the population living in the cities are aware of the contribution of these people in their lives and that is another reason why agriculture is so important.

Useful Resources Malaysia

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