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Even though scalp hair loss is one of the most common parts of the body where patients go bald, hair can also be lost in other parts of the body. Hair loss is a part of aging, diseases, trauma and others and you can also lose hair on the body, eyebrows and eyelashes as well. For others, hair loss really sound troublesome for them, but luckily, there are various options for facial hair transplants too that include, eyebrow transplant & body hair transplant services.

Any hair in the body can be transplanted to other parts of the body if you wish too. The patients just have to keep in mind that all the transplanted hairs will keep its characteristics it had before the transplant occurred. This simply means that the hair will grow according to the cycle in the past; it will have the same color and the same texture as well. You need to be aware that the growth cycles of the hair in different parts of the body are different from one another and this type of transplant may be troubles for some parts of the body.

This simply means that if the eyebrow doesnít grow as long as those in the scalp and if the scalp hair is transplanted to the eyebrows, the hair in the eyebrows must be trimmed all the time to prevent it from growing rapidly. If the body hair is transplanted to the scalp, it will not grow as the other hairs, so you need to trim the natural hair to conform to the size of the transplanted hair.

Eyebrow transplant

The donor hair for the eyebrow transplants typically comes from the scalp. A big amount of hair is required for the eyebrow transplant process to make them look normal and there might be two thousand or even more grafts for both eyebrows, but it is not irrational for some instances. The proper placement is the key and it needs a regular pattern to achieve the normal looking result. After the eyebrow implants, the hair must be shaved or else, you might need to put on clips on it.

Eyelash transplant

Itís hard to go through an eyelash transplant, because it is hard to achieve the usual quality of the eyelashes and provide the patient with a long-lasting result as well. The long term results of the patients from an eyelash transplant do not really show an advantageous result. With the launch of the TM or Latisse in the market, patients are given options. They can go on with the eyelash transplant after going through the other treatments required. The donor will be the scalp and the hairs from the scalp will be threaded within the margin of the lash. You need to groom the eyelashes regularly or else it will grow as long as the scalp hair.

Body hair transplant

The chest hair or the pubic hair is usually replaced using hair restoration process, but then again the scalp hair is the donor and the there is also a grooming needed to come up with a natural looking hair at the chest area.

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