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Top 10 Daily Newspapers in Malaysia

Importance of newspapers

People can go through news of Malaysia if they wish to find out more about the economy and the overall conditions of the nation. Even though there are various alternatives available for people such as radio and television but they cannot take the place of a newspaper. According to various studies, still a huge chunk of population wishes to read newspapers at the start of the day to know about the current affairs even though they can get to know about the situation of the world through their televisions as well.

Has the popularity increased over time or not?

In previous years, newspaper had its own unique importance, and if a person was able to read the newspaper, he or she was known to be a literate person. Even though the literacy rate around the world has increased since then but even now the newspaper has not being able to lose its importance because people prefer to read something more than watch its news as they can understand and comprehend about it in a better form which enables them to remember it as well.

Best newspapers in Malaysia

News of Malaysia is very crucial in the lives of people who live in this nation, and this is why, a large competition exists amongst the newspapers that are printed in this country on a daily basis. Some of the most well-known newspapers in Malaysia include:

  • BeritaHerian
  • Business Times
  • Daily Express
  • Harakah Daily
  • KwongWahYitPoh
  • Malay Mail
  • Malaysiakini
  • Nanyang Siang Pau
  • New Sabah Times
  • New Sarawak Tribune

Most of these newspapers are printed in Kuala Lumpur and they are printed in different languages including English, Malay and even Chinese.

Why newspapers are printed in different languages in Malaysia?

There are different types of people who live in Malaysia, and apart from Malaysians, a large number of Chinese and Indians also live in this nation. This is one reason why newspapers play a crucial role in the lives of people. Because of so much diversity, it is important to understand that the needs of all the communities that exist in this nation should be taken into consideration. Hence, with the availability of different types of newspapers, it is possible for people to buy the one that they are most easily able to understand. Even if people come to this country from different areas around the world, they would still be able to know more about news of Malaysia through the newspapers available in different languages in this country.

Who can benefit from newspapers in Malaysia?

People from all fields and backgrounds can benefit from the newspapers that are available in Malaysia. Even students can make use of newspapers to get to know more about the situation that is pertaining in the economy or other aspects within this country. They can also come to know about the different incidents that take place in various countries around the globe and find about those incidents might even have an impact on the Malaysian economy in some way as well.

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