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How to create an ecommerce website in WordPress

WordPress is an excellent way of creating one’s own website. It is a content-based management system that not only provides custom tailored website but also is easy to install and get started if you want it create a WordPress website on your own. WordPress is basically open-source. Anyone having access to it can make the necessary changes within the website quite easily. It is also one of the fastest ways to create your own ecommerce website.

Benefits of Using WordPress

  • Easy set-up
  • Free themes to choose from
  • Easy customization
  • Interactivity through comments
  • Visitors can subscribe to RSS
  • Easily customizable
  • Search engine friendly page
  • Easily indexed by Google bots
  • Custom SEO plug-in and other developer plug-in available
  • Pings search engines automatically
  • Ecommerce plug-in available through WordPress
  • Large online community support

Creating ecommerce website within a few minutes

Apart from purchasing a domain name and a hosting plan with an easy WordPress installation, make sure you have done the following:-

  1. Installation of the WordPress software – Once you have the cPanel software details, go under software tab; find the link for WordPress. Clicking on the link will take you to installation page. Click the link to install the software on the server. Make sure to remember the password. Once that is done, the site should now be installed with the default WordPress theme.
  2. Selecting customized templates – There are thousands of templates to choose from. Once you download the zip file to your computer, unzip the files and start uploading the theme files on the server. Activate the new theme by logging into the admin. Once you add the theme, it will show up on your browser.
  3. Ecommerce plug-in – If you require plug-in for your WordPress website, it is easily available as one can just find and install them to your computer. Install the plug-in files on your server. Once you hit the activate button, the plug-in are installed and it is ready to be used. Choose from plug-ins including products page, checkout, transactions, and account.
  4. Add your Products – In the general settings section, you can set up the products parameter including countries, payment options, and then add products accordingly. It allows adding products and managing them equally at the same time through the admin panel.
  5. Search Engine Optimization – If you are into SEO and know SEO, you can install All–In–One SEO pack, or the SEO Yoast. It is an easily downloadable plug-in that allows the site to install SEO plug-in for your website. You can set up SEO plug-ins for any ecommerce website too. It allows you to do SEO for any website through the help of this plug-in.
  6. Promoting ecommerce site – You can sell anything through WordPress websites including generation of traffic. You can do article marketing, Google Ad words, video marketing, social media marketing, blogging, newsletter, blog directories and RSS feeds.

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