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Interior Design

How to Choose an Interior Designer

Interior design is the process of redecorating your home interior through all the items that are stored throughout the years. It makes your room or your home more spacious, with a positive flow of energy that is not only good for living, but also safe for children. Interior designing is an art. It includes various forms of designer in this line of profession including interior re-designer, interior arrangers, day decorators, visual coordinators, interior stylists and interior refiners.

Certified Interior Designer

Interior design is an art. He or she is a certified design professional who is qualified enough to provide you with plans that does not have to deal with non-structural or non-seismic construction plans. They have enough previous work experience, including university education with enrolled courses in interior designing, examinations and uniform building code knowledge. All interior designers should have at least 4 years of experience. Having a master’s degree in interior designing or architectural design is a plus. Apart from completing their necessary education, one should also have experience in this field for quite a long time. They must have the necessary documents including the National Council for Interior Design Certification examination or certified and licensed through the state exam.

How much do they Charge for their Services

Check the following service charges for interior decorators for interior design:-

  • Flat design fee – One-time payment made by the client and the work needs to be completed on time.
  • Hourly rate – The work is done based on an hourly rate payment.
  • Cost plus method - % on all merchandise purchase + tradesman service
  • Mixed method: Base design fee(hourly rate) + % on purchases
  • Per square foot – New construction methodologies

What Designers need to Know?

Interior designer must ask the following before the interior design work is conducted:

  • Payment schedules and established budget
  • Services that designer can provide with
  • References for work done previously

The designer should also ask the following additional questions before work including:

  • Time frame to complete the space
  • Activities to be conducted in the place
  • Time for space occupancy
  • Whom is the space being designed for
  • Budget
  • Are they relocating?
  • Are they remodeling?
  • What are the requirements including color, style, and effects
  • Objectives and lifestyle needs
  • Approximate square footage to be designed

Do not get duped in the process of creating a super design for yourself. Always remember that creating a nice and safe interior for your own home is not only time consuming, but also takes good quality services and enough money to build it. Therefore, budget should be higher up. If someone is telling you that any project can be completed in 2 weeks of time, is an easy process, and is stress free; they are probably not worth the money or even worth hiring. Best professionals will always give ample amount of time to let you know how much time exactly would be needed to finish the work. Expert interior design work is good work.

Maintenance & Supplies Companies

T&T Inspection And Engineering specialist in all kind of preventive maintenance services which including Infrared Thermal Imaging Scanning, UltraSound Scanning, Partial Discharge Scanning, preventative & detective maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipments.

Laddertec manufacturer and supply various types of fiberglass ladder, aluminum ladder and all types of ladders in Malaysia. Laddertec supply high quality of aluminium ladders, aluminium scaffolding, fiberglass ladders and custom made ladder.

New Brands in Malaysia

  • JT Plaster Ceiling was founded in 1999, they offer the best concept in the renovation work and modern design of plaster ceiling for residential & commercial.
  • Prettiest Babies is a new brand in Malaysia, wholesale & selling all kinds of Baby Clothes, Baby Romper, Baby Jumpsuit in Malaysia. Visit their baby online store Malaysia ( for more detail.
  • LMF International Language offers Comprehensive Language Programs that cater to Elementary and High School students, late-teens pursuing a Tertiary Education, working adults, as well as housewives and retirees. Visit their website to learn more about language centre in Malaysia.