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A Brief History on the Airlines of Malaysia

The history of airlines in Malaysia goes to back the year 1937. The Straits Steamship Company of Singapore joined hands with two companies from Britain – the Imperial Airways and the Ocean Steamship Company. The government of Singapore approved the partnership and the companies were allowed to register Malayan Airways on the 21st day of October.

The beginning of the airlines
Getting the permission to register the company was easy but flying the planes proved to be quite difficult for the Malayan Airways. The operations did not start until the year 1947 after the Japanese have left the country. The first flight was an Airspeed Consul that flew from the Subang International airport connecting Kuala Lumpur with Penang, Ipoh and Singapore. A 21-seater plane was added to the fleet of 3 Airspeed Consuls in the year 1947. These three flights started to fly to Palembang, Jakarta, Medan, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. Malayan Airways was being jointly operated by Qantas Airlines and BOAC at that time under the supervision of Keith Hamilton.

In the year 1963, Malaysia was formed as a new country with the states of Singapore and Malay along with the colonies of Sarawak and Sabah of North Borneo. The name of the airlines was changed to Malaysian Airways and it started to focus on joining the new regions. The fleet was expanded and more airplanes were brought. Malaysian Airways purchased Borneo Airways in the year 1965 and incorporated it into their company. This bought six more planes into the fleet of the company.

Economic Boom and the growth
Malaysia’s economy faced a boost in the year 1980 and that helped the growth of the aviation industry. By the end of the 1980-s, the company was flying to as many as forty-seven destinations outside the country. These included major cities like Zurich, London, Paris, Vienna, Istanbul, Brussels and Frankfurt. Six more cities in Australia and Auckland of New Zealand were also added to the list of destinations in the same year. Along with all these destinations, Malaysian Airways were also operating flights to Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong. Rome, More destinations in Europe like Madrid and Athens were added to the list in the year 1992. New flights to Brazil and South Africa were introduced in the following year. The airlines also started considering adding one city in the USA to its list.

Growth of tourism and export trade
The export trade of Malaysia grew manifold at the end of the 1980-s and the number of passengers doubled. By the end of the decade, Malaysia started to explore the Western Tourist territory. The number of passengers coming in to the country grew to as much as 5.5 million in the year 1991. The majority of the tourists were reported from neighboring countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Philippines. In spite of the Gulf war, tourism continued to increase in the country and the airlines made a profit of $2.4 billion in the same year.

Information - Flights & Airlines

There are over 50 airline companies in Malaysia, linking expats to desired travel destinations all over the world. while KLIA is the busiest international airport in the country, there are also other international airports like Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Langkawi. Air Asia has grown to become Asia's leading budget Airline Company, offering low budget fares to major cities all over Asia.

Below is the list of airlines in Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines (MH)
Customer Call Center
Tel: 1-300-88-3000 (within Malaysia)
Tel: +603-7846 3000 (outside Malaysia)
Official Website:

Air Asia (AK)
Call centre: 600 85 8888 (AirAsia X Premium Line )
Official Website:

Find out the complete list of airlines in Malaysia at Wiki Website here (

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