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We hope that you can get the most use and benefits for our website. We aspire to expand our directory to cover all businesses commercial and industries to help consumers, businesses and investors to find the right businesses for their needs. In the past, finding the right company has to come from friends with connections, serendipitous meetings or tedious searching on yellow pages. The time for online directories has come and our website is focused on providing the Malaysian market with a comprehensive list of businesses operating across the country.

A shift has taken place and we are at the forefront. Our business is to promote your company and present your website to a more powerful and innovative platform via the internet. Our website is a perfect solution for those who want to be seen by the local business commercial industry and the world. Businesses are expanding and how you position yourself is a big task. Our goal is to help all businesses to easily promote their brand or service by adding their company detail with website or contact details to our business directory. We make sure that the website will benefit businesses in all aspects. The premise is simple but we implement in an intuitive manner.

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We market and advertise your website or business online and this in turn can help increase the number of customers in your business. People do not buy products to companies they do not know. The same goes for business collaborations. Companies want to know who they are dealing with and if they cannot find you, how will they know you? Our website aims to bridge that gap and make sure that small and medium scale enterprises can get exposure across the industries where they belong and become relevant.

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Competition is the heart of modern businesses. Without competition, there is less benefit for customers. Competition means that there is always a better alternative. Customers are now doing more comparison shopping now than ever and businesses go for bids when dealing with suppliers. Thus, our website makes your business accessible in the market and therefore, increases competitive advantage and make sure that your name will be associated with a product, or service, but more importantly good quality. It is all about making that impact.

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Running a business already costs a lot of money and startup businesses are trying to really keep their spending to a minimum amount until they find good investments. Being part of our directory is a cheap investment for additional online prominence and possibly, future business deals and communication with future clients. Also, by going online, the market is immediately targeted to global settings and this also poises the business to international success if they are competitive enough. Our goal is to serve as an information database for these businesses and we are more than happy to be a precursor to your success. The opportunities for success are boundless so there are tons of possibilities especially online.

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More than just presence, we want you to be seen easily and intuitively. We create industry specific categories to make your business show alongside other relevant companies. Consumers can easily find your website or contact details and we are more than happy to leverage your business in the right category to make your business competitive in the market.

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In order to participate our Marketing Campaign, owner of the company have to submit your company registration certificate, to proved that all company information is correct. Fail to provide complete information will be rejected or our marketing representative will contact you within 2 working days. Corresponding email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Maintenance & Supplies Companies

T&T Inspection And Engineering specialist in all kind of preventive maintenance services which including Infrared Thermal Imaging Scanning, UltraSound Scanning, Partial Discharge Scanning, preventative & detective maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipments.

Laddertec manufacturer and supply various types of fiberglass ladder, aluminum ladder and all types of ladders in Malaysia. Laddertec supply high quality of aluminium ladders, aluminium scaffolding, fiberglass ladders and custom made ladder.

New Brands in Malaysia

  • JT Plaster Ceiling was founded in 1999, they offer the best concept in the renovation work and modern design of plaster ceiling for residential & commercial.
  • Prettiest Babies is a new brand in Malaysia, wholesale & selling all kinds of Baby Clothes, Baby Romper, Baby Jumpsuit in Malaysia. Visit their baby online store Malaysia ( for more detail.
  • LMF International Language offers Comprehensive Language Programs that cater to Elementary and High School students, late-teens pursuing a Tertiary Education, working adults, as well as housewives and retirees. Visit their website to learn more about language centre in Malaysia.